Ionic cordova build android - "Error in subprocess stdout pipe"

Hey there,

Couldn’t find a solution anywhere and I’m starting to bash my head open on my desk.
I have a project that runs fine on my browser, both using “ionic serve” and “ionic run browser --prod”.
Also, I used to be able to build and run it fine on my android device as well.
Personally, I’m used to debugging my app on my browser, but after a while (and a few modifications of my code) I decided to run it on my phone to try out a new feature.
Here’s the error I keep getting :

I am absolutely clueless because the console doesn’t provide any more information.

I’ve been trying to :

  • update Ionic and cordova
  • uninstall all new packages I used since last time I ran it on my phone
  • look for syntax errors in my code (nothing detected neitehr by myself or my IDE)

The weirdest part is that it works on my browser but the gradle build fails with this.
Any idea ?

Thanks in advance.