Ionic-Content - Disable Vertical Scroll While Dragging

Hello everybody,

I have an ionic-content element with scrolling enabled, with my own customized list of items. I want to enable users to drag each item to the left or to the right. The problem is that while dragging an item, the view also scroll vertically. How can I prevent such problem ?



I’m having the same problem… any solutions yet?

Same here, I would love to have the ability to programatically enable/disable scrolling of the content pane

Agree. Nice solution would be cool.

Has anybody solved this? I need to dynamically enable/disable scrolling as well.

Take a look at this Is there a way to block ionic scroll while dragging?

Unfortunately this disables dragging as well. My problem:
I have a content div that is only visible with 100px at the bottom of the page. The user can then drag the view up to fill the whole screen. Only when the view is then dragged up to fill the screen, the scrolling should be enabled.

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My problem is very similar, Is there a way to block ionic scroll while dragging?

While user is dragging and “object” I want to disable the ion-content scroll.