Ionic.config.json is not valid JSON format

I deleted ionic.config and itis not working

I also unable to find the config.js in node_modules/ionic-app-lib.

Any other way to fix teh problem?

Because with current software this solution is not relevant at all.

@bkcollection Did you also add a proxy and then get this error? Did it work before for you?
Post your npm list -g --depth=0 output.

±- bower@1.8.0
±- cordova@7.0.1
±- gulp@3.9.1
±- gulpfile-install@0.2.0
±- ionic@3.5.0
±- node-sass@3.7.0
`-- npm@3.9.0

this is the first time I clone it from master. However, I downloaded(not git clone) 3 days ago the same master and run ionic serve with no problem.

never mind.
But how can I fix the issue since everything I try now not able to fix it

Please start with explaining your exact problem and situation again. You jumped into this topic by another user, so maybe we should start over.

I try by doing git clone again. Same error still persists.

This is what I did after git clone a repository

D:\app\abc\appmaster>ionic serve
? Looks like a fresh checkout! No ./node_modules directory found. Would you lik
e to install project dependencies? Yes
[INFO] Installing dependencies may take several minutes!
> npm install
√ Running command - done!
[ERROR] The config file (.\ionic.config.json) is not valid JSON format.

        Please fix any JSON errors in the file.

ionic info return same error message.
As mentioned in previous post, two methods that fixed others people issues, are not applicable to my issues

Run npm install directly after checkout, only then ionic serve.
Can you upload your “fresh from checkout” ionic.config.json?

The same error existed with npm install

This is the ionic.config.json

  "name": "Chaishen2",
  "app_id": "",
<<<<<<< HEAD
  "proxies": [
        "path": "/api",
        "proxyUrl": ""
  "type": "ionic1",
  "watchPatterns": [
>>>>>>> remotes/origin/vindex

Git merge conflicts are not valid JSON. Resolve it.

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can you elaborate more?

Do you mean I have issue with just doing a git clone?

The file you showed us is broken. It is contains git merge stuff. Make it valid JSON and you will be fine.


It is a mistake done by another developer that merge wrongly into the master

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I had ionic already installed on my machine but an old version so i decided just to do npm install -g cordova ionic to install the latest version but after finishing i decided to check the version by doing ionic -v and it brought me this
C:\Users\KKK>ionic -v
The config file (.\.ionic\config.json) is not valid JSON format.

Please fix any JSON errors in the file.

but i cant understand it …
Anybody help???:anguished::frowning:

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delete config.json file from .ionic folder then it work fine