Error in json

Since last week, everytime I try to compile my code I recieve this messege from cmd

C:\Users\Home\Desktop\oi\menu>ionic serve
The config file (…ionic\config.json) is not valid JSON format.

Please fix any JSON errors in the file.

someone could help me, I don’t know what to do

First go to the C:\Users\pcusername\ .ionicand
Just put this below code into your config.json and save it

  "state": {
    "doctor": {
      "ignored": []
    "lastCommand": "2018-02-07T00:21:19.697Z"
  "created": "2017-12-11T06:47:04.733Z",
  "daemon": {
    "updates": true
  "devapp": {
    "knownInterfaces": []
  "addresses": {},
  "git": {},
  "user": {},
  "tokens": {
    "appUser": {},
    "telemetry": "504683a3-978d-43a7-a485-cfc29f309212"
  "backend": "pro",
  "telemetry": true,
  "yarn": false,
  "version": "3.19.1"

try reinstalling your ionic again through npm
I hope your problem will be fixed
Good Luck
Thank you