Ionic CocoaPods

how can i add CocoaPods to my ionic project?
Or is it possible to add this to ionic cli or ionic app scripts?

sudo gem install cocoapods
pod repo update

If you’ve installed the gem, take the following steps if necessary:

Go to your platform/ios folder, then check if there’s a podfile. If there is, you shouldn’t have to do anything. If there isn’t, run pod init. It will create a PodFile for you. Inside the PodFile, add the pods you need. Now runpod install on your commandline, open yourproject.xcworkspace and run your project.

What do you need it for may I ask?


I am having a similar problem. Can you also take a look here to give me a hint, please?

i am getting you can’t run Cocoapods as root.

same problem here.

how do you fix???

If I run without sudo I get “you dont have permission”.

If I run with sudo I get “you can’t run Cocoapods as root”


Same Problem. Did anybody find the solution? Please share.


Does this answer help?
It’s not the exact problem but might be similar…

cd platforms/ios/
pod init

and this appear
bash: pod: command not found