Ionic (Cloud, legacy) Package - Stucked in queued

My build packages are stucked in queued since yesterday at 21 PM, what is happening?

Reality fell apart at 13 PM. After that is anyone’s guess.

How are you building? What command are you running?

$ionic package build android --release --prod

It worked before…

We can’t help with that. Use this:

IOS build is working fine. Issue is with Android build only. Even new projects are not working…I am facing the issue in V2

It is clear issue with ionic… and not user specific…

Which is why it makes even more sense to open a support ticket so Ionic actually knows about it.

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I had raised a ticket.But didn’t get any response till now.

Hi, I am having the same issue , Please help

There is nothing anyone here in the community forum can do. Use the support link:

@Sujan12: Jesus dude, we get it: this forum is useless, there’s no point being here, and Ionic only includes it in their “support” options as a way of insulting us. No need to keep beating the horse. It’s dead.

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Hi @kylemax,

Maybe you should look at this support options:

I didn’t get any response for the ticket raised at ionic support…

But support don’t answer us since yesterday.
How to do it?

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I tried creating new project… tried removing and adding the platform… so done with all possible checking as developer… so the issue has to be solved by ionic team… we can only wait for a response from them.

Yesterday was Sunday.
Are you paying for any 24/7 support plan?

If not: Ionic team is at US time, where it is currently 9:45 in the morning. I would guess it takes some time to fix any issue, maybe there are also other issue in front of your tickets.

So for now I wouldn’t say anything strange is happening here, you will have to wait for your ticket to be resolved.

oh… got your point… but is there any way to check whether they are aware of this issue.

We will stay patient

The only public “status” thing is at
It doesn’t know about this, but as you all have the same issue and all have contacted support, I am pretty sure they will notice.

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