Ionic cli v3 and v4 global in parallel on a mac?

Do anyone knows if it’s possible to install two Ionic cli, the 3 and 4, in parallel on a mac?

If I did understand, installing the cli 4 (rc right now) is the way to begin to have fun with Ionic v4. On the other side, I would like to stick to cli 3 for daily business and current development of my productive app

Any thoughts?

I mean both

 npm i -g ionic
 npm i -g ionic@rc

I just had to install the 2nd cli not globally :wink:

For those interested to install the cli 4

 mkdir /pathtomyalternatecli/
 cd /pathtomyalternatecli/
 npm install ionic@rc

then also if you want to test Ionic v4 angular without setting the global environment variable features.project-angular you could just edit start.js and remove a check

 cd node_modules/ionic/dist/commands/
 vim start.js

then search STARTER_TEMPLATES and edit the return value in order to not filter according the global variable respectively


and now you good to go to create a Ionic v4 angular project using your 2nd cli

cd /somewhereelse/
/pathtomyalternatecli/node_modules/ionic/bin/ionic start 

once finish, jump in the created folder and if you want to run it, don’t forget to reference the alternate cli

cd /somewhereelse/myionicv4testproject/
/pathtomyalternatecli/node_modules/ionic/bin/ionic serve

I think a much easier way to deal with this is to install nvm and do the switching that way.

actually not that easier, just have to specify the full path in cmd isn’t that a huge work :wink: