How to switch Tab pages in Ionic 2?

I have two sets of 4 tabs, which I require to switch between after a click of the button. Much like switching to hosting in Airbnb. Currently I’m using the following line :


However, this is just pushing the page on top, rather than removing the existing 4 tabs, and replacing them with the new tabs. Is there a way to easily switch between the two sets of tabs ?


Sorry for formatting, I’m on mobile:-)

Has rootNav been deprecated? I keep getting rootNav does not exist on type “NavController”

Can anyone help please ???

use this.nav.setRoot(TutoringTabsPage);

This still doesn’t override the original 4 tabs?

Hello,the function of nav.setRoot is restart the nav as principal. Just do not trust the web debug, I not work for me. But in the mobile tests they are successful.

I hope and this information can be useful.