Ionic Capacitor project build issues - Apple Silicon

Hello Ionic community,
currently I am facing some confusing build issues with my new M1 Pro, MacBook Pro. In our project we have built our ionic app in the past on an intel based MacBook Pro. To improve the deployment speed we now opted for a brand new M1 Pro, MacBook Pro. And the build times are only a fraction of what they used to be. So far so good. The problem we are currently facing happens after the build completes. Everything is set up correctly inside xCode (as far as I can tell). When trying to run our app either on device or on a simulator the console output promptly reaches “webview loaded”. Then nothing happens for 30 seconds. After that some more failing messages are printed but I believe they are only popping up because the steps before did not finish as expected. This is the latest output that was printed. Before I tried multiple things I also had the output printed until the following:
:zap: [log] - deviceready has not fired after 5 seconds.
:zap: [log] - Channel not fired: onPluginsReady
:zap: [log] - Channel not fired: onCordovaReady

In both cases the simulator launched and the screen simply stays white. I believe that the plugins are not build/bundles or whatever correctly. Therefore the device/Plugins/cordova is not “ready”. I have found nothing helpful online, so I hope someone can shed light on this issue. Because the exact same project with the same settings inside xcode works fine on our intel based mac I believe it is due to the apple silicon. But this is merely a guess. I have attached the full log and our current package.json as images for more details.

A few days late to this (was on vacation!), but have you tried looking at the web logs? You can open up the Safari debug tools and inspect the simulator directly. It may be throwing an error you aren’t expecting and thus causing your app to white out

I can confirm that this is a real problem. In the web inspector it does not throw any error, because the web app does not load. In fact the Splash screen closes because of a timeout and not because the web app has already loaded.

I have the same behavior with my iOS simulator running ionic cap run iOS. Or even using XCode. The app builds correctly with ionic cap build ios.

maybe not related but, i’m experiencing the same thing on a new macbook pro as well. in general, i get nothing but a white screen when running in a simulator. this is easily reproducible using the ionic “blank” template as well, running “ionic capacitor run ios” and selecting any iPhone simulator.

i’ll continue to dig into it. btw, pardon the noob question but how do you get console output when running the simulator?

In the Develop tab of Safari. Then you search for Macbook Pro or the device where the simulator is running and it will open the options of which simulator is running. Click there and it will open the web inspector and it will show the consoles you set.

@Groz were you able to resolve this issue? I am experiencing something similar with Ionic 6 and Mac M1 MacBook Pro