Ionic Capacitor local notifications "dynamic" body


Let’s say I want to schedule a local notification where the notification “sends” a new word every day to the user, and these words exist locally in my app (in a .json file).

Is it possible to schedule a local notification that gets a new random word from the .json file each time a notification is “sent” to the user?

Like this:

  notifications: [
      title: 'Word of the Day',
      body: getWordOfTheDay(),
      id: 1,
      schedule: {
        on: {
          hour: 9,
          minute: 0

Or is that not possible with local notifications?

Or would I need to schedule multiple notifications with different id:s for future dates (let’s say 1 year forward)? And then maybe generate new scheduled notifications whenever the user opens the app (and if they don’t open the app for a year they stop getting notifications)?

Thank you!