Capacitor core LocalNotifications every hour at specific minute

Hi everyone,

What I’m using is LocalNotifications from @capacitor/core.
So what I did is this:

	notifications: [
			title: 'Title',
			body: 'Body',
			id: 1,
			schedule: {every: 'hour', on: {minute: 40}},

But it doesn’t work.
Any ideas?

Where are you testing it? In the browser? In Android? In iOS?

I’m testing on an android emulator (android 9.0)

Looking at the Capacitor source, I suspect it’s expecting the schedule to contain either every or on, but not both.

Then how the schedule object should look like ?

I guess just schedule: {on: {minute: 40}}. The docs could do with some more info.

Yes I tried that, I didn’t get any notif though

That’s how it’s done in this example. And it works for me. At least I get the first notification, I didn’t wait an hour to check the next one.