Ionic Capacitor InAppPurchase2: is not a function

I recently made some package update on my Ionic capacitor application.
Now however when I try to make a purchase I get the following error;

TypeError: is not a function

this stems from my subscription page when a user click the buy button, here is some of the class:

    public platform: Platform,
    private purchases: Purchases,
    private store: InAppPurchase2,
    private conversion: DateTimeConversions,
    protected authService: AuthenticationService,
    protected network: Network
  ) {
    platform.ready().then(async () => {
      await this.authService.getStoredUuid().then(async useruuid => {
        this.userUUID = useruuid;
      // this.purchases.setDebugLogsEnabled(true); // Enable to get debug logs
      await this.getCurrentSubscriptionInfo();


  public buySubscription(productID) {


    this.platform.ready().then(async () => {
      // After platform ready =;{
        id: productID,

      // Register event handlers for the specific product IAPProduct) => {
        // console.log('Registered: ' + JSON.stringify(product));

      // Updated (product: IAPProduct) => {
        await new Promise(r => setTimeout(r, 2000));
        await this.getCurrentSubscriptionInfo();

      // User closed the native purchase dialog => {
        // console.error('Purchase was Cancelled');

      // Track all store errors => {
        // console.error('Store Error ' + JSON.stringify(err));

      // Run some code only when the store is ready to be used => {

      // Refresh the status of in-app products;

      // To make a purchase => {


here is my package.json:

    "@awesome-cordova-plugins/purchases": "^6.4.0",
    "@ionic-native/in-app-purchase-2": "^5.36.0",
    "cordova-plugin-purchase": "^13.6.0",
    "cordova-plugin-purchases": "^4.6.1",

I think I included the relevant packages.

Would be great if someone could help with this.


First off, ionic-native is dead and was renamed to awesome-cordova-plugins.

Second, you are including two completely separate plugins.

@awesome-cordova-plugins/in-app-purchase-2 and cordova-plugin-purchase belong to Fovea.

@awesome-cordova-plugins/purchases and cordova-plugin-purchases belong to RevenueCat. The Awesome Cordova Plugin is outdated and has been deprecated by RevenueCat in lieu of their β€œnew” Capacitor plugin that is currently in Beta since they took it over from CapGo.