Ionic Capacitor Docker

I am developing an Ionic Capacitor app within a Docker container. I manage to create a container with its dependencies correctly. Follow this tutorial: text

I am able to connect the Android device using adb so that it is detected from within the container. Follow this tutorial: text

Great, I manage to run ionic cap run --external. This launches the webView at a URL (, which works perfectly.

My issue arises when I try to use --livereload. Upon entering this command (ionic cap run --external), it launches the webView at the container’s IP address (e.g., and returns ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE. When I run this command on my physical machine, it works perfectly.

So the issue seems to be a connection problem between the container and my physical machine (using that IP), as entering http://localhost:8100 in the browser resolves it, but does not.

I’m not very familiar with Docker, I’ve tried initializing the container with docker run --network=“host”, docker run -p 8100:8100, and I’ve also attempted to ping when I launch the app. For example, I launch the app on my physical machine and ping from the Docker container, and it works, but the other way around doesn’t.

Sorry for my English level.


I was hoping to use live reload in the App container. I’ve been able to achieve this with Ionic Cordova, but not with Capacitor.