Ionic capacitor live reload not working on android

I am using the following command to perform live reloading on android

ionic capacitor run android --livereload --external

But it is not working.

Here is the error I am getting

The web page at http://localhost:8100/ could not be loaded because


I know that mobile devices don’t understand localhost but I thought --external flag will take care of it. Now what I have to do to get live reloading working on android.

Thank you in advance

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what are your ionic cli and capacitor/android capacitor/cli versions? try updating to latest

It is working with following command

Ionic capacitor run android -l --address=
Where is ip address

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Also, make sure you’re not connected to a hotspot that isn’t connected to your PC / Mac’s network, obviously the local address won’t connect then… I legit did this once and was head-scratching for a while. :blush: