[Ionic+Capacitor] A Barcode reader without cordova

i’m use an Ionic V5 App and capacitor.
The application will work in pwa mode, only on browser.
I need to be able to use the camera (from the computer, or from the smartphone) to scan qr codes.

I find this lib : https://www.npmjs.com/package/@ionic-native/barcode-scanner
But it needs cordova, and not works on browser. I can’t do anything with it.

I try to add js lib as Instacan, or vue-qrcode-reader, but it’s too difficult for me.
There are too many compatibility issues with the latest versions of ionic / capacitor.

Is there no solution for pwa-app and capacitor and ionic?

Hmm. If I click through the link you provided to that of the underlying plugin, I see this doc page which claims “browser” as a supported platform.

As indicated in several posts (like here: Using the QR Scanner Ionic Native plugin on browser platform), it must be integrated into an android or ios apk. For an app just distributed by browser, it doesn’t work. Cordova is required.

I don’t believe that thread is talking about the same plugin. I think it’s about this one.

Another potential option is @zxing/ngx-scanner.

Finally, i integrate @zxing/ngx-scanner .

The rendering is simpler, but it works.