Ionic build without development server?


I’m building an app using ionic and react. When I deploy my app using capacitor live reload and Xcode to my iPhone (like described here: the app works fine. However, I want to run the app natively using Xcode, so without a development server running on my mac. I’ve created a build and followed the steps as described on the capacitor and ionic docs.

When I run my app using Xcode, I see a blank screen and the Xcode console logs the following:

**⚡️ Loading app at**
**Reachable via WiFi**
**⚡️ WebView failed provisional navigation**
**⚡️ Error: Could not connect to the server.**

The displayed IP-adress belongs to my Mac and when I run ionic serve, everything works. How do I build and run without the need of a development server? Or do I misunderstand the whole concept?

Thanks in advance!


ionic capacitor run ios

That should use the live reload server