Ionic build not passing options to nmpScripts


I am trying to debug an issue with “ionic build browser --dev” and found out the options are not passed to npmscripts. In the file C:\Users\cju\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\ionic\lib\ionic\build.js, there is the following code:

function run(ionic, argv, rawCliArguments) {

return Q.all(promiseList).then(function() {
return npmScripts.hasIonicScript(‘build’);
.then(function(hasBuildCommand) {
if (hasBuildCommand) {
return npmScripts.runIonicScript(‘build’);
return Q.resolve();


No arguments are passed to the npmScripts.runIonicScript(‘build’). Is this a bug?


I’m pretty sure args are being passed, but there is no --dev option available for the ionic build command. What are you trying to do exactly?


I want to do a dev version so that the source code are not minified for debugging purpose. How would I do that?