Ionic Broken, after updating Ionic

Hello people!

I had my Ionic working great in my Windows 10, but it seems I had outdated version of AngularJS.
Following tutorials i used:

$ npm install -g ionic@latest

And all Ionic system got broken, due to some fails during installation.

Re-installed it.

$ nmp uninstall cordova ionic
$ npm cache clean -f
$ npm install -g npm

Now I tried again:

$ npm install -g ionic cordova

But Ionic is still broken. Can be anything related with npm?

Adding a CLI screenshot:

Cannot work like that :confused:

Thank you all!

Your node version is ancient. You should at least have 6.x for CLI v3.

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One year ago, when v4 was LTS, and 6 was the new one, I had a lots of failures with the last version.
Should I try the 6.10.3 LTS one? Or go straight for the current v7.10.0 of nodejs? Thanks mate! =)

It is recommended to use the LTS releases


I’m always afraid of updating something that works well. There’s always that gets broken when libraries don’t match each other well.

Great, now it works. I had to install ionic@2.2.1 because the @3.0.0 was giving me some errors.

Now I will find how to update my project. I have conflicts with old node v4, and new x64 node v6.

Thanks for saving me time! :relaxed:

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If you decide to stay with v2 (no reason, any errors with v3 should be fixable - see for your v1 project) please use the most recent v2.2.3 at least.

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