Ionic Blog Post: "Ionic View Sunsetting on 9/1/18"

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As you say…

Well, I assume Ionic are also just people that need some time to think through what to do and actually do it :man_shrugging:

Sujan12, good day! Could you explain please in a short form … what does Sunsetting on 9/1/18 mean ? I do not understand all.

Read the blog post:

If you have Ionic View installed on any devices, it will continue to work and be available for sharing until 9/1/2018. At that point we will be removing the option to share with users in View and disabling all access. The Feedback tab will also be shut down, but your feedback will be accessible until 9/1/2018 as well.

Sujan12, as I understand this blog post concerns only people which use Ionic View ? People which do not use Ionic View could download ionic application to apple store ?

This is about the Ionic View application specifically, which allowed people to easily download/preview in-development Ionic applications. Apple has decided to ban this category of “testing” applications.

This has no impact on Ionic applications in general (apart from that you can no longer use Ionic View to test them, of course).

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Oh, now I get the misunderstanding. Sorry @anton_klochko - Ionic View was the relevant bit here which indeed can be misunderstood.

DevApp next in line? And cordova plugin to support live deploys? I see some dark clouds…

To clarify: Apple is banning testing and preview apps that aren’t TestFlight. This has nothing to do with your actual app or the fact that it uses Ionic or Cordova. Apple doesn’t want apps loading other apps for the purposes of testing/sharing.

As for what this means for deploy features, so far those have been fine as long as you use web technology to push updates. We don’t anticipate any issues from Apple as long as developers obey the ToS in their updates. Many apps push remote updates using scripting/web assets, and these features are no different.