[ionic beta 14 ISSUE] ordova.plugins.Keyboard.close not working on IOS 8.1.2

Hi Guys,

I updated to ionic beta 14, and added ionic-plugins-keyboard.
When use ordova.plugins.Keyboard.close(), to close keyboard after click ‘go’ or ‘enter’.
$scope.submitComment = function () {

        //if input is not empty
        if ($scope.comment.trim() !== "") {
            //Close the keybaord, it only work on phone device
            //set input input empty
            $scope.comment = "";


The keyboard was closed fine on Android, but on IOS 8.1.2 device, it did not close the keyboard.

NOTES: I did add the plugin
Can anybody please give me some hints?


Really? Only me have this problem?

+1 to having this exact issue. Any progress you’ve made and could share?

What is yours cordova version?