IONIC beta 12 strange error

hi @hassaananjum i had a similar issue but updating to ionic 1.0.0-beta.14 fixed this issue,
here is a copy of my bower.json

      "name": "gobi",
      "version": "0.0.0",
      "dependencies": {
        "angular": "~1.3.7",
        "angular-gettext": "~1.1.4",
        "angular-animate": "~1.3.7",
        "angular-resource": "~1.3.7",
        "angular-route": "~1.3.7",
        "angular-sanitize": "~1.3.7",
        "angular-touch": "~1.3.7",
        "ionic": "1.0.0-beta.14",
        "lawnchair": "~0.6.4",
        "angularjs": "~1.3.7"
      "devDependencies": {
        "angular-mocks": "~1.3.7",
        "angular-scenario": "~1.3.7"
      "appPath": "app"

beta 14 fixed the issue
Thanks for the update

Beta 14 did indeed fix this issue, but for my project that has been built in beta 13, it killed my custom nav bars. I rolled back my source check in, effectively negating the beta 14 update and taking me back to beta 13, and it remains fixed.

I will move to 14 at some point, but can’t spend time on remaking the navbars just yet.

On 1.0.0-rc.1, I’m still getting the error “Cannot read property ‘scrollTo’ of null” from the codeblock

self.scrollTop = function(shouldAnimate) {
self.resize().then(function() {
  scrollView.scrollTo(0, 0, !!shouldAnimate);

From above comments, I thought this got fixed in beta-14…maybe not?
(This error also comes when navigating back to a home page).

Still getting this error - any updates? On RC.4

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘scrollTo’ of null
at ionic-angular.js:4679
at Promise.then.wrappedCallback (angular.js:11701)
at angular.js:11805
at Scope.$get.Scope.$eval (angular.js:12952)
at Scope.$get.Scope.$digest (angular.js:12764)
at Scope.$get.Scope.$apply (angular.js:13056)
at angular.js:14571
at completeOutstandingRequest (angular.js:4520)
at angular.js:4820

@mhartington (Mike) - Could you please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

All that I am doing is a simple,
in a page that has content being added dynamically from a backend.

I’m having the same issue (with back button), here my error:

Error: l is null

This happens when i click the back button.
My code:

<a href="" ng-click="$ionicGoBack()">
            <button class="button back-button buttons button-clear header-item" nav-direction="back">
                <i class="icon ion-ios-arrow-back"></i>