Ionic, Auth0, Ionic Dev App testing hosted login page

I am building an application that uses a hosted login page from Auth0. I am attempting to test the application using Ionic DevApp. The app is running in the Ionic DevApp and all looks good. When I attempt to log in, I am being routed to the Hosted Login Page as I would expect. I log in. I checked the Auth0 logs and login is successful. Auth0 attempts to redirect back to my application, and it cannot.

I have posted this in the Auth0 community forum and everyone has mentioned the Ionic DevApp doesn’t support this testing. With Auth0/Ionic promoting the use of one another, is there any plan to be able to test this?

Right now, my only alternative is to buy an Ionic Pro license, which during our POC phase, I don’t want to do. If we elect to use Ionic, then by all means we’ll buy Ionic Pro licenses

What does that mean? Do you get an error message?

You could also just build the app locally on your computer.

Safari Cannot Open the Page Because the Address is Invalid. I tried with location.href and hard coding the path as given by the Auth0 examples for Ionic 2+

I build a App using Auth0 too.
I get a blank page when I’m in.
It seems that is not coming for the Code ?

Troubleshooting (end)

Any help ?