Ionic auth0 hosted login page

I’m looking to write code that will work as a desktop browser website, a mobile website and a mobile application. For the website applications, I would like to use a hosted login page for my authentication. With Angular 5 alone (no ionic), I can use the Angular Router to setup a callback route that the hosted login page will call upon success. I can also setup a silentrenew.html as recommended by Auth0 to silently renew tokens.

I would like to do the same in my ionic application. I’m developing within the Angular CLI with ionic-angular added to my app. Since I want this to work on the desktop browser and also the mobile device, I don’t want to rely on cordova. I also want to use Ionic’s “Router” instead of Angular Router as recommended.

How do I setup a callback route in Ionic’s router so I can setup the route once my hosted login page is complete? Or am I forced to use Auth0Lock? Or setup with cordova when I’m on a mobile device?

Any help would be great.