Ionic apps to create REST API

I am on my way to create API for android app.
However, after try to use a webhosting (paid) to create an API, it did not work as my Python code (which need a lot of libraries) unable to send data to the hosting database. It need to run in web hosting public.html but I do not think I can install so many libaries.
So, I need to use service like backand, backendless and etc. to create API.
Can anyone can recommend me which service that is low start up cost and easy to implement?
I am not good in this creating API.


How is this related to ionic?

Indeed, this is not related to Ionic itself, but try to google some blogs about REST APIs built with Node.js, the MEAN stack, and services out there for you to mount your stuff. There are quite a lot possibilities to implement it, so it depends on you to search for your favorite language, maybe Google “How to build a REST API with PHP” for instance.