Ionic application using Airwatch Agent and VMWare Tunnel problem


We have an ionic Time & Attendance application which captures real time employee’s location through GPS as well. We have a configuration screen from where employees can enter backend api url along with username and password for database communication and authentication. For example

BackendUrl : https://backend.client.url
username : guest
password : guest

we save this information on phone and retrieve when we require to make a database call.

Our application is working fine with all previous clients but now we got a new client which has so much secured environment. When they install Airwatch Agent and VMware tunnel on the phone, our application stops interacting with backend api services. We are not sure, whether It’s our application issue or its happening only because of their secure enviroment.

Any help would be great.

Tanveer Alam

What does that mean?

Airwatch agent is a mobility software that enable us to enforce policies. VMware tunnel is used for secured communication between mobile devices and backend server.

In our scenario, our client has blocked all http/https requests coming from any browsers ( except vmware browser ). If I’m not wrong, our ionic application uses default mobile browser i.e chrome on
android and safari on iOS.

I think our solution is going to be worked if we manage to use vamware browser in our application or you may suggest me any way around.

Not really. Ionic uses Cordoa to build the native apps. Cordova uses a system WebView to wrap the Ionic app, which is a bit like an iframe in a website. It runs the app in a web browser like component.

You will have to find out if there is a way to get this “VMWare browser” as the webview used by Cordova. (Honestly, I don’t think so).

Are all apps using in app browsers broken in this environment as well?

Hi did you got solution for this problem