Ionic application i have problems just in IOS

i don’t know why my application has problems just in IOS

1 - cashing : usually return back to home not to previous page and some route not working will but in android work very will

2 - status bar : nav bar marge with status bar i need to add padding in top when run in ios who ?

3 - some custom css not working will

i need way of knowing the problem or if are there any special settings in ios platform ?

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Search the forum for iOS 9, there are patches.

gmarziou is correct that with iOS 9, there are somethings you need to do in order to get your app to work on iOS.

Here is a good post about those changes and solutions, which should help fix your first issue:

For your second issue, it is a known thing for the statusbar plugin. See this article here:

For your 3rd issue, since Ionic iOS essentially runs in Safari, you need to make sure your CSS properties will work with Safari. I haven’t had many issues, but the biggest issue I’ve found is sometimes flex-box does not work as expected on iOS. I can get it to work sometimes, but other times, it just doesn’t line up. I wish I could elaborate more on exactly when flex-box doesn’t work, but I’m still investigating that.

My solution and recommendation for that is once you fix your first issue by following that first article I shared :

  1. Enable remote debugging on your iPhone (under settings I believe)
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer
  3. Launch your app
  4. Open Safari on your computer
  5. You should see a “Develop” tab. If not, check your settings on both your iPhone and on your Mac to make sure you have remote debugging enabled.
  6. Under the “Develop” tab, you should see your device, and under that you should see your app (It might be called index.html)
  7. Click that, and you now have access to the developer console for your app on iOS while its connected. Now you can take a look at your style sheets and elements, to see whats being applied and whats not working.

Good luck!