Ionic app upload error timeout 10000ms


once i upload app on ionic site this error will come
error: timeout of 10000ms exceeded


Looks like a proxy problem. Are you behind one?


No.I dnt have any proxy


Very slow connection?


I had the same issue you did and while I do not know if it will directly fix your problem. My problem went away as soon as I verified that all the plugins I was using, were actually installed. In my case I was missing FileOpener2. The command I used to add it is below. Hope this solves your problem!

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-file-opener2


(in archlinux)
In class Client modify .tymeout({ response: 5000, deadline: 25000 }) to suit your needs (I set 50000/100000). Your connection may be ok, but DNS/Ionic response may have some delay