Ionic app some pages are working and some pages are not working in android device

This is my API

This file is working in IONIC 4 in browser but not working in Android device some pages are working and some pages are not working. Iam using ‘https’ and also used android:usesCleartextTraffic=“true” in

When I am using this code then it is displaying data only in browser but not displaying in android device and run only error part of

Are you using pipe in HolidayPage.html?

for example:

{{value | number: '1.2'}}
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I am not using pipe in HolidayPage.html

Can you delete

{{post.EventDate | date : 'dd-MM-yyyy'}}

and try? just experiment like this:


Actually {{post.EventDate | date : ‘dd-MM-yyyy’}} data is displaying correctly in android device but second…
.subscribe((data1) =>{
this.IncomeData = data1;

this part is not working

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yes i had the same problem. It was even backend php for me. And after debugging on date for days, I realized that the problem was due to date.