Ionic 5 and angular httpclient request is working on system but not working on android device

import { HttpClient } from ‘@angular/common/http’;

constructor(private httpClient: HttpClient);

this.httpClient.get('’+Db+’&MonthAcademicYear=’+this.AcademicYear+’&MonthBusNo=’+this.BusNo) .subscribe((data) =>{ console.log(data); }, error => { console.log(error); alert(JSON.stringify(error)); }); this one is working on device

this.httpClient.get('’+Db+’&Year=’+this.AcademicYear+’&BusNo=’+this.BusNo) .subscribe((res)=>{ console.log(res); }, error => { console.log(error); }); this one is not working on device i have attached the image of the error i am getting

I find code that uses HttpParams much easier to read than code that manually builds query strings.

Instead of Httpclient?

No, instead of monsters like /RAMANUJAN_GURUCOOL/RAMANUJAN_APP/get_fleet_expense_month.php?Database=’+Db+’&MonthAcademicYear=’+this.AcademicYear+’&MonthBusNo=’+this.BusNo.

let params = new HttpParams()
  .set("foo", "bar")
  .set("baz", "quux");
http.get(url, {params});