Ionic app size 8.5 mb

I wan to reduce app size but not able to do so. Please help me my assest folder is 1.7 mb and this is after compressing all the images.

Are you building your app with the --prod flag?

yes I am trying it with --prod flag

ionic info of your application

Gotta lot of Cordova Plugins aka death weight, right? :sunglasses:
Sometime you can combine their capability.
The GoogleMap plugin is capable to to find your location so you don’t need a Geolocation plugin etc.

Couple of questions:

  • Are you talking your whole app (IPA / APK file(s)) or are you talking just your www folder?
  • Are you auto updating your app with Ionic Pro deploy?

How to get complete information of application
can u tell me

APK file. No i am not updating my app

So what’s the problem? That sounds pretty decent to me if you have a bunch of plugins.

Is it taking a long time to open or something?

Yes It is taking long time to open the app

Can you share your apk with me? Put it on a share somewhere…

How is this connected to the app size?