Ionic app really slow on Android

I have a location-based chat app using firestore. The app gets your location and shows you any conversations in your area.

The app is really fast - almost instant - on iOS. But on Android it can take upwards on 10 seconds to get the conversations.

I appreciate it’s a wildly speculative post without seeing the code base, but are there any tips on improving performance for Android, it’s really hurting us. The difference between iOS and Android is so stark, absolutely anything that can be done to improve Android would be a huge help .


You try using ionic4.

What takes 10 seconds - getting the location or loading the conversations?

both - the entire app is really unresponsive

We will be doing that, but we’re waiting until it nears a full release

If both takes 10 seconds, then it would actually be 20 seconds in total.

Please measure what is actually taking how long.

Follow these instructions here to debug the problem in Chrome dev tools: Add console.log statements and look at the console tab.