Firebase extremely slow?

Hi all,

I’ve just started adding authentication to my app and when I test it in ionic view it is extremely slow. It’s fine on ionic serve. On ionic view it can take 30second + to do anything.

I thought I might have done something wrong, but I tested a few of the firebase starters from the market place and experience the same issue with all of them

Does not matter if i’m using wifi or 4g.

Anyone experienced this or know what could cause it?


I can never make it work on ionic serve lol.

I use emulator or real device and it works ok.

Are you loading images while logging in ?
Because Firebase got some problems with that, it takes way too long.

I am also using Firebase for the Login and Registration, and that works perfectly fine.
I might can help if you provide some of your relevant code.

No images or anything like that.

Even when using this starter -

I experience exactly the same issue I have with my app.

I have only tried in ionic view. Works fine in serve… But view it takes forever. I might try building the app and installing it on my phone. May just be an issue with view.

Just tested it with Ionic View, and it took significantly longer to login (about 5-7 sec).
So I guess it is an Ionic View related problem, but you shouldn’t have a problem otherwise I guess.

Awesome, you’re a legend. Thanks for testing it out.

I’m pretty new to all this stuff. Would you mind if I sent you a private message. I have another quick question you might be able to help me with.

Sure, I am glad I could help :smile: