Ionic App not launch in android device

My ionic app has not been run in android device. getting error shown below.

anyone please help me to get out from this error. Thanks in advance.

Does this happen only with your app or with others too ?

I got some suggestions wich you could try:

1.) Go into your platforms-tools folder and open your cmd/terminal there, type in: adb devices this will scan your usb-ports for your android phone.

2.) Turn off all your AntiVirus software, I once had this problem with mine :sweat_smile:.

3.) Try it with a different application if it works there you will know your app is faulty.

4.) Remove your plugins folder and your platforms folder and run the command ionic cordova android run --device again. This will reinstall all the components wich it needs… if you get an error try it again sometimes it needs to install something more often…

5.) Very important! Check if you ever had any dev application on your android installed if so your app won’t be able to run in debug mode on your phone, remove the existing dev app and try again!!!

I hope these things help a bit good luck! :four_leaf_clover::blush:

Enable developer mode and apps over usb installation