Ionic app displays wrong image in ios



Its a really strange problem. I’ve this news application which runs under ios and android. Everything is perfect with Android but after ios 9 update, “some iPhone6 devices” displaying wrong image in ng-repeat grid.

I cant regenerate error on emulators. I’ve varies of devices like, ipad2, ipad3, iphone5 and 5s all ios9. None of them regenerates error. Also android devices.

I’ve 4 collections in different controllers, 1 loading slider, 1 for authors, top stories and most commented etc. you know the drill.

As an example; sometimes one of the news in most commedted grid loads one of the slider image. I’ve checked json there is no problem, also data title is correct. Somehow shows another image.

I really need help with this, and if you can install and feedback it would be really helpful.

I’ve upgraded to latest ionic and cordova 6 days ago. Still no luck.

Application name is AirportHaber, can be downloaded at itunes store.

Thanks in advance.