Ionic app carrier compatibility on play store?

Hello guys,

I have published an android app based on the latest version Ionic.
However, I found this app can’t be searched on Google Play Store.
I manually added it to ‘wishlist’ on a web browser and checked it on my playstore app.
It shows me an error: ‘This app is not compatible with your carrier’

I wonder why this error happens? My app is a dictionary style static app which doesn’t require database or anything.
Play Store is hiding this app from showing up I guess mainly due to incompatibility with carrier or my android devices.

I’m using two android phones running v4.4 and v5.0 I can install any other app without a problem.

Is there any setting on Ionic which lets me control carrier compatibility or device compatibility?
I could run this app just fine on my Ionic View Legacy… and this is not a complicated app at all. There are some texts, useful info, dictionary.

Please help me making this app show up on Play Store.


I have never heard about “carrier compatibility” problems on Play Store with Ionic apps before. Strange.

Is “This app is not compatible with your carrier” really the error msg you receive?

If I search exactly this term with google I will only find this post :wink:

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I found out why. All apps take about 5-7 days to show up on play store after uploading APK.
I updated app’s description several times and it started to show up on play store and function properly.

If you get this problem, just patiently wait or try to change description, pictures and roll out updates.

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