Ionic App build on android and ios problem

I have ionic capacitor app, working as expected in web and was working fine when i made build in ios android, but now suddenly , is still working on web but in ios and android it does not fetch data from api. but in web it does . I cannot figure out what is the problem

Please share some code so that we can help. Most importantly, how you are fetching data from your API.

Have you looked at DevTools to see if the request is even being made? While debugging an Android app, you can open DevTools in Chrome on your computer by going to chrome://inspect/#devices. Debugging iOS on your Mac, you can follow these instructions - Debug iOS Safari from your Mac | Busbud blog.

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I checked it’s fetching data correctly from api but it is not showing them on android nor ios and at same time not showing any errors in console with inspector
but it shows the fetched data on browser :thinking:

so the api calls are working but it seems that subscribe to observables not working. The arrow call in subscribe not been executing