Ionic Apk is showing white screen

I have an ionic project and when I created the apk using cordova (ionic cordova run android --prod)
I am unable to see anything in the simulator. I am able to see only the White Screen. Both my backend and database is running. Can anyone help me with this, as I am stuck from many days in this area.

Hello can you send screen shot of your chrome inspect. run your app on simulator and open

check console tab maybe you can fix the bug…

There must be an error that might have occurred when you build the apk… I Too had a similar issue a few months back Here is the Link for the same

I suggest trying out the step’s mentioned in there

Hi @nvispute,

I am using cordova here.

@paramzvik Did you check the list of Incompatible Cordova plugins? Even the official docs say that we should stick to official plugins as much as we can and if we have used a Cordova plugin then check if they are listed in the Incompatible list.

Hi @alitalaee ,

This is the error I am getting.

I don’t have any incompatible plugins. I don’t think this is causing my issue.
Please see the below screenshot of console.

do you work with real server or load data from local json server? it seems your http failure in console error log.

I work with local server. Wat should I do?

I am getting this error.
Http failure during parsing for http://localhost/api/user
Can you please help me with this ASAP?

@paramzvik Did you noticed HttpErrorResponse from the console. Probably they might be problem in handling data in backend due to improper data submission (not exactly)… Check your back end configuration.

I am actually getting error like.
Http failure during parsing for Ionic Forum