Ionic API : Push Notifications 503 Error

Hi Ionic Web Team,

We’ve been experiencing issues recently with your Ionic Push service, nothing major…as it seems to be pretty seamless most of the time. We don’t use your authentication, so we have a Token > User mapping in our own database, and we use your HTTP REST API to create and send the push.

I got a report from a user recently who wasn’t receiving pushes, so I investigated up to the point where we make the HTTP call to your servers, and in 30 seconds or so, received a 503 from your service. It returned to normal after a few hours…but no outage was reporting on your dashboard.

Today, I’m attempting to research the state of a few messages in your push system…and using POSTMAN I’m attempting to use the endpoint: [GET]
I’m receiving a 503 after 30 seconds or so again for most of the morning. In case it was a data volume issue I’ve attempted to narrow the results down using
with no affect.

I’m specifying the correct authorization headers using my API key, and these calls have worked in the past without issues. Again, your service reports no issues or downtime on your service status.

I can’t find anything on my end that would point to me doing this incorrectly, maybe someone could attempt to use the GET operation of your push/notifications service or tell me why mine isn’t working and failing with a 503 after a HUGE 30 second delay?

Thank you in advance!

Here’s a screenshot of Postman:

Here is the correct place for this:

What do you mean Sujan? Was my post moved to a new section or are you pointing me to a resource ?

If I click that link and then I clicked community forum it brings me here

Scroll down to “Business and Customer Support”.