@ionic/angular components not visible

I’m using @ionic/angular inside an angular version 10 project and although everything works fine locally using ng serve, whenever we deploy the application to the server the angular components are visible, but all of the ionic ones are missing. We are using stuff like ion-back-button, ion-menu and ion-buttons. We are also using cordova plugins and capacitor in the project but our mobile apps don’t have any problems, they are working as expected, the only problem we have is web.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Sup @DanaStefanoska0 Can you list out the invisible component or are these " ion-back-button, ion-menu and ion-buttons" the component not displaying on your web app? more importantly, can you show some sample code or hosted application?

Also, not all cordova / capacitor plugins have support for the web, you will always see the platform support in the Plugin documentation.

Hello easyadin, yes ion-back-button, ion-menu and ion-buttons are some of the ionic component we actually use. The tricky thing here is that when I run the app locally, and open it in a chrome browser, everything works as expected (even the stuff mentioned here). But whenever we deploy the app to the server the ion-menu and the back button doesn’t show on our application at all. Also some of the places where we are using ion-buttons, they don’t show either. But I can see that there is an ion-header and ion-footer inside an ion-content from inspect element (but the footer is not displaying the content inside). If you tell me what you need, I can fetch it from the code.

Thanks for the reply!

Send a link to your hosted app, there shouldn’t be an issue but let have a look at the web app

You need to login to see whats missing and I’m sorry but I can’t give you credentials to do so. If needed I can answer some more quesitons