Ionic 1.3.3 components not showing in Ionic view

Hi ,

I am currently creating a ionic 1.3.3 application. I am creating component which works perfectly when tested in a browser but when i upload the application to ionic view the component doesn’t seem to render/compile. I just see nothing.

Has anyone experience this before?



Seeing nothing as in white screen? Then it probably is breaking for some reason.

Can you build an app yourself with ionic cordova build and run this on your device? Then you can debug the app and see the actual error that is happening.

Correct i can see the rest of the pages but not the component added in the page. What i am trying to establish is whether the issue is in my code ( i will build the app and debug) or is this a compatibility issue between ionic view and the version of ionic i am using.


If it is a pure html/js/css component, there is no reason why it should not work in Ionic View.
Ionic View doesn’t support a lot of Cordova plugins, but this doesn’t seem to be involved here.

Ok great, thanks for confirming that. it is pure html/js/css so i will do some more debugging to see if i can resolve the issue.

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