Ionic Angular Base64 Image issues


I am having issues with Base64 images that are called in Ionic as below

[ngStyle]="{'background-image': 'url(' + category.imgBg+ ')'}"

I have a single image that loads fine, while others load half only, and some don’t load at all - showing white only.

I am pretty sure it is not the code, as if it is, all the images will be white or half loaded.

I am having the same on ionic browser testing (not ionic serve), and on ios simulator and real device. The other ones are showing fine as they are the full URL and not base64.

Example of Base64 of not working image:

Example of working image:

Using a different base64 generator (openssl base64 -A), getting more of the image (more than half), but low quality too… as you can see the grey background from the back (default color)

Your help is appreciated :slight_smile: