Ionic Android APP is not able to do a post request

Our App built with Ionic is still under testing, The app is able to get information from the rest API, but if you try to signup or sign in to the APP, it does not go through. The app was whitelisted while building , please anybody help

Can you be sure about posting the data to API server or some issues with your API??

I don’t think so, The APP work well on emulators and browsers.

Can you post the code you use to make API calls?

Do you get any error messages when trying to make those API calls?
Hint: Use chrome remote inspect ( by accessing chrome://inspect ) to view your Android device’s console log. Or use XCode to get console log output from your iOS device.

So the problem is not server side. Are you using any ssl or https?

Be sure that your request post to server via real device

Everything work well on emulators , on chrome we are able to make all (POST,GET,PUT, and DELETE) request. but when we generated the apk for testing. we are able to make a GET request

No we are not using ssl nor https

Turn your debug option on, on your Android device. Connect it to your computer and run the chrome inspection tool to get the console output.

I did the Inspect procedure, but nothing comes out in the console

If you are debugging on browser. Right click on chrome’s console and check the “Log XMLHttpRequests” option… then use network tools to track the calls that are being made and what the response/request was

I battled with this for a while. What fixed it for me in the end was installing & configuring the cordova-plugin-whitelist plugin.

Same problem…Everything works well on emulators as well as chrome by using ionic serve…we are able to make all (POST,GET,PUT, and DELETE) request. but when igenerated the apk or connect usb via PC for testing its not working. so please help guys thanks in advance.@ ihadeed i tried chrome://inspect/#devices this too but no console log and it will not works for me bro :slight_smile:

did you try to check/test your API via POSTMAN chrome app?? For me I do test it first via postman…