$cordovaTouchID and $cordovaKeychain plugins do not work together

This is a weird issue but I thought I’d see if anyone has experienced this before:

I’m trying to get $cordovaTouchID to wrap around $cordovaKeychain and be used to verify the user’s identity before accessing an item from the keychain.

But for some reason, $cordovaTouchID only works when the $cordovaKeychain is NOT installed. If both plugins are installed, $cordovaToughID returns an error message of “unkown” when calling the authenticate method.

I can get $cordovaTouchID to work when the $cordovaKeychain plugin is NOT installed, and $cordovaKeychain plugin works either way.

$cordovaTouchID only fails when $cordovaKeychain plugin is added, even if I don’t try getting/setting the keychain at all…


Running Ionic 1 and Cordova 6.5.

Any ideas why this is happening? The “unknown” error message isn’t very helpful…