Ionic and cordova's future in Apple App Store

I just read these articles regarding Electron being rejected by Apple because Apple is being more strict in “repackaged website” and encourages PWAs to stay out in App Store. Will Ionic and Cordova be affected by this? Or is it only because Electron used private APIs?

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I am interested in the thema. I am searching in Internet for more information and I found this:

It says that the update does not affect Ionic apps. But it can be interesting that anyone from Ionic team can confirm it :smiley:


Matt from Ionic here. No need to worry about Apple and Ionic apps!

on PWAs: This is somewhat true, Apple does not want you to simply take a website and republish as an iOS app. Among the reasons for this is user experience - mobile is different than desktop so it doesn’t translate well for users. However, if you use Ionic, you’re safe - since our UI components are very mobile-focused. You’d have issues if you tried a Bootstrap web site, etc.

Electron: Those rejections were caused b/c the devs used private APIs. There’s plenty of debates about this online, but Apple’s always been clear that if you do that, they may reject an app at any time.

Always keep an eye on the Ionic blog for news on these types of concerns - we work hard to keep our community up to date! :slight_smile:

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I used to work for Microsoft (Windows Phone and Windows App Store) so general philosophy from the platform would be that the native (hybrid) app published to app store should ADD VALUE on top of what PWA of such app is provisioning. If there is no value add - then the app might be rejected.

I think it is also fair logic as if your app truly is not featuring anything from native APIs representing clear customer advantage - why would you need to publish it in the app store?

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