Ionic and aws AppSync


I have read in aws app sync page about its implementation on react native.

can we do an implementation on ionic.

There is no official saying in the page but there are github page about the implementation of appSync with ionic?

Is that can be done?

Thank you

appsync has been rolled into the Amplify CLI I believe - i have started a sample project integrating the graphql and user authentication

are you sure?

I think there is another repo that did appSync within ionic?

Also do you have any idea about subscription in app sync? Thank you

this is an ionic 3 based example and it doesn’t utilize the new Amplify API that is being promoted by amazon as they try to move all of these frameworks under one library…

yes I am sure, what you are referencing will work, but all the manual configuration that repo is recommending is already managed for you with the Amplify CLI

BTW subscription in appsync is also handled in the Amplify CLI approach

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Thank a lot man, i will be in the dark without you.

Also do you have any idea how to implement subscribe in ionic using aws-amplify?


I wanted to integrate AWS appsync with my ionic project. I tried aws-amplify without success. I did not get any documentation or guide on the internet. I am in complete darkness . Please help me

please try googling with angular and aws amplify, that may help