AWS amplify plugin for iOS/Android

Hi, I’m trying to develop an Ionic app with aws-amplify auth/storage/pubsub as I have already done with Firebase. I followed the guide but I understand that Ionic could be used only to develop a WebApp not an Android/iOS app because there isn’t a plugin like Firebase cordova-plugin-firebase that wraps AWS Amplify functions for these platforms. Do I undestand correctly?

Ionic is too general a term… is it a vuejs, reacts, or angular? What version of ionic are you on? Why do you think you need a plug-in to make amplify work?

There’s some confusion here. You can use Ionic to create a web and native app. You can still use the JS API/library from amplify.

Thank you for the answers. I’m working with Angular and when I use the aws-amplify library it works only inside the web app. If I try to build an Ionic project with Angular and aws-amplify installed for the plaftorm Android ionic capacitor build android I obtain a lot of files “reportxxx.json” with inside compilation error “JavaScript heap out of memory”.
Is for this reason that I asked if is possible to use the aws-amplify library also to build an Android or iOS app.

I have just found a solution, the aws-ampify library is compiled and works also for the Android platform if inside the package.json I add the --max_old_space_size=4096

"scripts": { "ng": "ng", "start": "ng serve", "build": "--max_old_space_size=4096 ng build",

After this modify the compilation error “JavaScript heap out of memory” disappear.