Google Analytics without Plugins



I’m trying to user Google Analytics to track the usage of an app I’m developing, this app needs to run at all the 3 platforms, so I cannot user any of the plugins available because neither of them support WP8. I’m trying to use pure JS to call the GA APIs but I’m not receiving anything at the server.

The <script> to create GA, at this moment it’s inserted in the index.html file, but I’ve also tried to call it from app.js on $ionicPlatform.ready function and nothing appears in the GA page.

Did you guys ever faced a problem like that? Here should I call the google_analytics('create', 'UA-XXXXX-Y', 'auto');, index.html, app.js, custom angularjs service?



Maybe something in this post will help you: GaPlugin with Ionic. Please see my comments on using ga.js. :smile: