Ionic 7 PWA Angular - Android Devices not loading date change


I’ ve created a simple pwa with ionic 7 (angular) used for booking reservation.

On booking page i have a calendar to select a date and a custom button for picking hour (based on date selected).
I’ve tried to use ion-datetime but on some Android devices didn’t work, so I’ve used Angular material datepicker.

When I select the date and hour I want to print on a label the current value, on some Android devices value is not showed.

I’ve tried to replicate this issue on Android Studio without success.

Here an example of my error on Android 11 device: demo problem.mp4 - Google Drive
Here an example of correct working: demo ok.mp4 - Google Drive

Anyone can help me to solve? I don’t know where is the problem. If I made an error of coding, on every devices I should have this problem. Anyone have the same problem?

Many thanks

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It would be helpful to understand the issue if you can attach the code. I think you should try angular change detection.


thanks for the guide but I’ve figured out that the problem was google chrome auto-translate option that influence the page status

Turning off the auto-translate on the site, label now contains the value selected correctly.