Ionic 7 capcitor 5 user-agent

For creating a User-Agent with ionic3, i used @ionic-native/user-agent.
With ionic 7 and capacitor 5, how can i define a “user-agent” ?

You can configure the user agent from the capacitor config file

See overrideUserAgent for adding a custom user agent.
Or appendUserAgent for adding a custom string after the original user agent.

Think you julio-ionic.

I have modified capacitor.config.ts

import { CapacitorConfig } from ‘@capacitor/cli’;

const config: CapacitorConfig = {
appId: ‘io.ionic.starter’,
appName: ‘googlemaps-v72’,
webDir: ‘www’,
server: {
androidScheme: ‘https’
// overrideUserAgent: ‘edpmobile’,
appendUserAgent: ‘edpmobile’,
android: {
// overrideUserAgent: ‘edpmobile’,
appendUserAgent: ‘edpmobile’

export default config;

But when i verified i have false !

// verif UserAgent
let userAgentExist=this.platform.testUserAgent(“edpmobile”);
console.log ("userAgentExist: "+userAgentExist);

with overrideUserAgent, it’s the same

I’ve just tried in a new app and both appendUserAgent and overrideUserAgent return true on iOS and Android

Yes it’s good with android
Think you very match