Ionic 6 Vue, IonLoading confusion

I have these two IOS apps.

the config app scans for our devices, and then provides an editor of the data
I use a modal to cover the edit page until the data is read from the device
all caused by a click on a row in the main page view

  <ion-loading trigger="open-scanning" message="getting configuration..." spinner="circles"></ion-loading>

  import {  IonLoading } from '@ionic/vue';
  import { defineComponent } from 'vue';

  export default defineComponent({
    components: { /*IonButton,*/ IonLoading },

the page opening the editor modal, opens this one first, then closes this when the data arrives
and opens the editor modal

      // create the waiting modal
      let scanninghandle = await modalController.create({
         component: ScanningModal
      // put it up 
        let EditorModalHandle = await modalController.create({
          component: EditorModal,
          componentProps: {
        this.LogIt("after edit modal create")

        this.LogIt("calling onDidDismiss()")

        let updatedObject = await EditorModalHandle.onDidDismiss();

all is cool… got the spinning circles in the middle of the page

now, I need a similar capability in the other app…

component routes to view
view in onViewDidEnter uses the same template and the same code
to put up the same content while the app is scanning for the hardware
the dialog panel comes up… but the loading content is not present

the modal files are identical, no button to trigger the loading
no click on this second one

 let scanninghandle = await modalController.create({
          component: ScanningModal
        // put it up 
        console.log("in select present modal")
....    scanning in async method

what am I doing wrong?

I also tried the inline ion-modal tag w isOpen and got the same results

whatever, moved to using the loadingController instead of trying to do a modal with a modal…